Fletcher TruPeep Peep Sights

trupeep-peep-sights-1357316207Price Varies by Peep Type

Micro – Small – Large (Black)  ($6.00)

Mini Hunter – Hunter – Super Hunter (Black)  ($6.00)

Mega Hunter (Black) ($6.00)

Max Hunter (Black)  ($6.75)

Super Hunter (Red, Green, Pink or Blue)  ($7.50)

Max Hunter (Red, Green, Pink or Blue)  ($8.00)

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World’s favorite Peep Sight, the Fletcher TruPeep is an all aluminum peep sight. The ingenious design allows for a perfectly round, shaded hole at full draw and eliminates the need for protruding hoods. String roll and angle are not a problem. Safety-tie groove keeps peep in place. The TruPeep is available in 8 sizes. No tools needed for installation.

  • MICRO has a 1/32″ hole
  • SMALL has a 3/64″ hole
  • LARGE has a 1/16″ hole
  • MINI HUNTER has a 3/32″ hole
  • HUNTER has a 1/8″ hole
  • SUPER HUNTER has a full 3/16″ hole for low-light situations
  • MEGA HUNTER has a full 7/32″ hole for low-light situations
  • MAX HUNTER has a full 1/4″ hole for super low-light and to center up the pin guard or scope.




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