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Fletcher Acura Caliper Release

Fletcher Acura Caliper Release
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Whether target shooting or hunting with a compound bow, accuracy is the name of the game and that’s what you can expect from the Fletcher Acura Release. This compact, dual-caliper release features a durable ball joint connection to a full 360-degree swivel arm design allowing the release to be tucked in a shirt sleeve when not in use. Its premium leather buckle strap makes it the perfect choice for bowhunters and target shooters alike. Fletcher Archery, time tested and field-proven since 1960.
  • 360-degree rotating dual-caliper head provides a smooth release
  • Full 360-degree swivel arm design allows for unobstructed use
  • Interlocking jaw system provides a clean release shot after shot
  • Premium leather buckle strap
  • Includes trigger travel adjustment for fine tuning