I have been very impressed with the Fletcher Jimi T Release.  I used it last hunting season and harvested 3  deer including this nice buck.  Not to mention doing some serious damage on the 3D and field range last year! – Jason Kaatz

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I recently sent my release for repair as it would release my arrows at about ½ draw. I purchased this release from Cabela’s on 11/29/2010. I mailed it to your Customer Service Repair Department on August 10, 2015. On August 13, 2015, your company repaired my release by replacing jaws, spring & pins. They sent right back to me and I received my good as new release on August 17, 2015.

It is so refreshing to do business with a company that stands behind their fine products! In my letter I told you to bill me the necessary costs to get this release repaired. I was informed that no payment was necessary as your releases carry a life time warranty.

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Susan, just returned from a successful Eastern Oregon solo elk hunt. I was able to get in front of this bull for a 35 yard shot.  After the shot I quickly let out a bugle causing him to stop at 70 yards before I watched him tumble over. No tracking needed on this one! I like it! Talk to you soon…Mark R

I have used two of your Fletch-hunter releases for about 25 years and my Fletcher .44 caliper release for five years. The Fletch-hunter releases are still in good shape and doing fine for me. I am looking forward to many more years of service from my .44 release.

Thanks again for your firm’s attention to detail and for providing genuine quality products for bow hunter’s and archers. – “Cotton”

IMG_9457Just returned from a successful Eastern Oregon elk hunt. There were many challenges on this solo hunt with hot conditions and the bulls being clammed up, but with lots of boot miles climbing in and out of canyons I was finally able to make it happen. After finding an active wallow on a previous day, I returned and set up on the steep hill side above. After a short sequence of cow calls, a bugle was heard from below. Now things were going my way! It wasn’t long before I could see antlers moving through the Junipers and soon the bull presented a 15 yards shot. It was an easy recovery and after a short photo session I started on the de-boning of this bull. This canyon had plenty of bear sign and with it now dark I had some concerns. Sure enough around 10:00 pm I was startled from the huffing of a bear just 60 yards below me. It was time to get the heck out of there! Luckily I was almost done, so I hung the game bags that were already full and threw my sweaty shirt over the rest of the elk. I know I made record time on that steep two mile hike out! The next morning I returned to an undisturbed elk and finished the job. Next up for me is a 10 day mule deer hunt in November.

My friend Robert Hoague, webmaster of Bowhunting.Net, gave me a Fletcher Archery Fletch Hook Release a couple years back and I have been a fan ever since! I have killed many turkeys, a hog and an antelope in the last year using a Fletch Hook Fletcher Release! -CC

I have been using my original Fletch Hunter release since sometime in the 80’s, it is the only release I have ever owned and will be the only release I ever own.  It has performed flawlessly for 100’s of thousands of shots. I have had dealers try to give me their recommended new release for free and I have turned them down. I simply ask them why I should fix something that isn’t broke?  – Tink Nelson, Pradco Outdoor Brands

I’m very impressed with just about everything I have heard about your company, and that type of customer service is second to none. This makes me very glad I bought your release. Take care! – Craig Jansen

I’’ve never had customer service like this! I can also say I will never buy another brand of release and I will also be sure to tell my friends and family about my experience with Fletcher Archery! -Todd Radmer

I have to say I am very impressed with the product and service with Fletcher products.  This is truly a company that backs its product and lives up to what a company should be and is.  With my recent request for a replacement on the wrist portion of my .44 release not only was your response quick but friendly and truly exceeded expectations.  Thank you for your great customer service you truly have won a customer for life. – Brad Mease

Hello, just thought I’d drop a quick note to you guys, A few weeks ago my archery pro shop (hunters haven in Champaign IL) showed me the .44 release, I fell in love with it!! I am use to shooting a way more expensive brand and couldn’t believe the price I was quoted , if only I’d tried this before buying my $150 release!! Used it this weekend for 3d and had my best score of the year!  Since I’ve got mine, 5 of my other archery friends have bought them after trying mine!!  Thanks again for making such great archery products!
Customer for life: – Troy King

I’ve had this release since the 80′s and I seem to have misplaced it when moving. A lot has changed in the archery release industry over the years but I find myself coming back to this release. If I find my old one someday I’ll have two great releases. Thanks for keeping it available after all these years. – Jim